Wax Melt Usage & Care

Choose your fragrance and put 1-2 melts in your burner.  For a stronger scent throw use 2 melts.

Only use with a burner that is suitable for wax, NOT an oil burner.  The ideal height of the wax burner should be a minimum of 10cm from the top of the tea light to the base of the wax well.

Use ONE small, 4 hour unscented tea light only.  Larger tea lights are unsafe and can cause over heating which could lead to the burner cracking.

Unlike a candle, the wax will not burn away so once you can no longer smell the fragrance, simply change the melts.

Do not add new melts to the existing wax as this will dilute the strength of the new melt.

Ensure the burner is completely dry before use.

Always place your burner on a heat proof surface, never move it when lit and keep away from children and pets.